How to use a forum

How to use a forum

Postby Leo Semashko » Sat Mar 05, 2005 9:10 pm

Dear Forum Visitors!

We apologize if the user scheme for our Forum seems difficult. It is a standard and widespread forum type, so actually it is not too complicated. It works in the elementary mode, in two languages (Russian and English), and is limited to discussion of Website topics identified in currently published sections.

To view Forum messages it is not necessary to register. You can look through current sections freely. After registering for the Forum, you can leave messages as well as see the messages of others.

1. To register, enter your name and (or) a surname in English (i.e., using Latin letters), and choose a password of 3 to 15 numbers and/or English (Latin) letters.
2. After registration, return to the main page and enter your "Username" and "Password" in the fields provided, then press "Log in"
3. To leave a message, choose a section of interest to you, press the button “New Topic”, fill in the necessary fields on the page that appears, and press "Submit".

If this is not clear, press the reference FAQ at the top of the page for more detailed instructions.

Leo Semashko, Website director and Forum manager
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