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Postby Hilarie_Roseman » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:51 pm

Dear Martha,

Just a quick reply. Would it be possible, if you put the questions on Leo's
website, that some of us could organise school children in various parts of the
world to answer them on the web. I have one grand son in the 9th grade, and one
in the 8th - they most probably would - maybe! maybe! - given the chance to go
to your web site Leo and actually answer the questions themselves on the
computer with no one looking over their shoulder - maybe they could, would
answer those questions if you made it easy for them. But there must be lots of
other people who know, have access to children of this age group who maybe would
be able to get them to do it as well. A global research would indeed be very

love Hilarie Roseman,
April 17, 2006

Postby Ada Aharoni » Wed Apr 26, 2006 2:52 pm

Dear Leo,
I congratulate you for your continued efforts for your important website.
Keep up the good work,
Best regards,
Ada Aharoni,
IFLAC President
April 17, 2006
Ada Aharoni

Postby R K Singh » Tue Jul 11, 2006 12:50 pm

Dear Leo,

I have been regularly reading all your letters and notices. Since I have been frequently away from Dhanbad I couldn't write nor respond to you in details.
But you have been carrying out your Mission with such a commitment that I always felt guilty for not meeting your expectations.
I am happy you are in touch with new friends in Switzerland who have conferred on me Peace Ambassadorship. With their help your mission will attain new heights.
All the best

R K Singh
June 25, 2006
R K Singh

Postby Iqbal Pakistan » Tue Jul 11, 2006 1:06 pm

Dear Leo Semashko

Thank you for your kind and nice message. I am very delighted to find you doing
so important work. I saw your website I feel that I have gone into a great sea
of peace and do not want to leave it for ever. Congratulations and greetings for
your work. Please do publish my work on your site or some print media if you

Could you please send me the list of more writers of peace? Can you send my
sincere regards to Dr. Francisco in Brazil.

Hope to hear from you very soon. Regards

Iqbal Pakistan

July 6, 2006
Iqbal Pakistan

Postby Kathy J. Ward » Fri Dec 22, 2006 5:08 am

Dear Leo:

Your e-mails and beautiful work for peace is like fresh holy water to
the world. I love the contents of your e-mails and your vision for a
better world. Thank you for keeping my name on your mailing list.

I am too a Universal Peace Ambassador a president of WEL, World Elder
Land, a non-profit that keeps me very busy but very happy as well.

My third book was published yesterday, Reflections and Poems For A
Better Life. As you read poems and chapters of meaningful information
to nurture wellness of the physical body, the mind and the spirit, you
learn too how by nurturing your wellness you also help and nurture the

Here is one of the poems of the book... enjoy it!

*Can We Handle God?*

By Kathy J. Ward, December 2006
Universal Peace Ambassador

Can we handle a nice God?
Not a merciful judge, just a nice loving God?

Can we handle a visible God?

If God was a child,
could we handle that?

If God was a tree,
would we cut them anyway?

If God was not inside the temple,
mosque, synagogue or church,
where could I find God?

If God wasn’t smart,
could I handle that?

If God was a convict,
would I put him in jail anyway?
what would be fair to do with God?

If Heaven was on Earth,
could we handle that?

If God was air, would we pollute it anyway?

If God was an elder very ill,
with no money or medical insurance
what would you do to keep God alive?
or would you let God die?

What color is the skin of God?
Perhaps, anything but the color of your skin
could you handle that?

If God was counting on you
to do a miracle today,
how would you love God?

If God was an immigrant already here
and did not ask for permission or visa
would you deport God?
Where would we send God to?

If God was Gay,
could we handle that?

If God was illiterate,
would you steal from God?

God lives in me!
can we handle that?

If God has dementia
who will keep track of me?
would all my good actions matter anyway?

And why, why
why has God left us alone?

The truth
God never left
God is the elder, the convict,
God is the tree, the air
God is visible and invisible
God is PEACE on earth
God is hear and everywhere

Can we handle that?

Peace be with you!

/Kathy J. Ward, MA, CTRS, ADC, CALA, CGP
Universal Peace Ambassador
President of WEL, World Elder Land™ - Spokane, New York City
Therapeutic Recreation Consultant (ERT, Elder Recreation Therapy) -
Denmark, Spain, Venezuela
National Assisted Living Administrator Certified
Board Member, Activities, Adaptation and Aging Journal
Alzheimer's Association Speakers Bureau
Love Ambassador

- Florida
Ambassador of Happiness For Elders
<> - Connecticut
Cell: 240-393-5456
WEL Blog:
Kathy J. Ward


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