Postby Leo Semashko » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:07 am

Harmonious Civilization
Global Harmony Association Innovative Projects:
St.-Petersburg, Russia, Publishing house "Lita", 2009, 254 p.

- Harmonious Civilization Universal Declaration
- Global Harmony Treaty for Nuclear Disarmament
- Global Harmony: Nuclear Disarmament Guarantor
- Alternative Reserve Currency of Harmony (H)
- Global Harmonious Education
- Russia-Georgia: Harmonization Instead of Militarization
- Global Network of Harmonization Services
- World Festivals of Harmony
- Tetraphilosophy and Tetrasociology: Science of Social Harmony

The book is on our website:

For various reasons, feedback and book reviews were previously published only on the site:
Now they are available on the forum.

Welcome to the discussion!
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Postby Alexander Olshansky » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:12 am

No man is prophet in his own country

The turning-point from the 2nd to the 3d millennia of our era made a quantum leap in consciousness of many intellectuals. It led to a strong belief that humankind faces the deadlock because of a set of conflicts and contradictions, and that the o­nly way out lies in harmonization of all spheres of the present civilization and transition to a peaceful way of development.

One may treat it as a new Utopia. Then how can we explain the phenomenon of so many adherents of Harmony idea that appeared simultaneously in the opposite corners of our planet? Quite independently. Comparing modern theory of harmonization to any other branch of philosophy or ethical system we can state that none of them originated at o­nce from so many places. Neither had such a collective author. This fact certifies that our civilization has approached its critical point and objectively needs essential changes of basic principles of its functioning.

It is natural, that a leader of harmonization appeared - Leo Semashko, social philosopher from Saint-Petersburg. He has not restricted himself to the creating of Tetrasociology-theory of social harmony. Leo Semashko has united intellectuals from 48 countries of the world into the Global Harmony Association (GHA). Harmonization of our world became the noble cause of all his life not accidentally. He was born two days prior to the attack of Hitler’s Germany of the USSR, and within three days he became an orphan - his father, the Soviet officer, was lost in the first battles. Monstrous troubles and sufferings have dropped out o­n behalf of the USSR in the XXth century, and this scientist could not but reflect o­n their reasons, searching for the model of a more just world.

“Harmonious civilization”-the book that can be found o­n Russian http://www.peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=405 and English peacefromharmony.org/?cat=en_c&key=379 Internet pages (by the way, the content ofthe GHA web-site peacefromharmony.org is translated into 16 world languages!). This book is also issued by the St.-Petersburg publishing house "Lita" and contains GHA materials o­n the most topical problems of our days. Here the theory – Tetraphilosophy andTetrasociology – results in concrete practical recommendations. The Harmonious Civilization General Declaration appears to be a complex of the most urgent measures. Philosophy, ethics and culture of harmonism is propped up by offer of the Nuclear Disarmament Treaty and Academy of Harmony project ready to be implemented as the generator of the common/global harmonious education.

Letters to the Presidents Dmitry Medvedev, Barrack Obama and General Secretary of the United Nations are the impressing attempt and hoarse shouting of the intellectuals to the ears of the high and mighties of this world who are not always sensitive to the reasonable arguments. The example of their deafness is a long-run fighting of the GHA President L.Semashko for creation of the Academy of Harmony. Textbooks are ready, teachers are picked up, but the lack of starting 27 million dollars for making this unique educational institution self-financing are still not accessible. And what are 27 million dollars for today? The tail plumage of o­ne modern bomber costs much more, but no government has allocated this sum yet.

And who are the refused? The leading mathematicians of the present times who have developed mathematics of harmony - A.Stahov, P.Sergienko, E.Soroko and others. Alexey Stahov's works o­n the Fibonacci numbers and the gold section deserve Nobel Prize, moreover he had created essentially new Fibonacci computer, but the 1991’s events have deprived financing of the unique project, and the scientist left to Canada. It is a refusal to the scientists from different branches of knowledge. To Charles Mercieca, the President of the International Association of the Teachers of the World, to the philosophers and sociologists -Bernard Scott from England,Americans –Marta Ross DeWitt andRudolf Siebert, Dmitry Ivashintsovand Grigory Tulchinskiy from St.-Petersburg,Japanese Reimon Bachika, to art and education workers -Maria Azcona and Susanne Roberts from Argentina, Italian Renato Corsetti, Tholana Chakravarthi from India, to our fellow citizen Henry Skvortsov, Israeli Ada Aharoni,Jean Basabose from Rwanda …

And a lot of other persons – well-known, authoritative, possessing high scientific degrees and honors. It is worth mentioning here that the book “Harmonious civilization” has 120 authors from 34 countries.

They are the prophets in their own countries and it is not an exaggeration: Harmonious Civilization is inevitable. It is not a spell or a horror story that today’s mankind is o­n its way to self-destruction, the fact is proved by scientific analysis. For million years humans were compelled to struggle for food, for enforcement of other people, for territory, for sexual partner. A man was at war and killed humans like him - 15 thousand wars known to History killed billions of people. Aggressive attitudes were blocked by cultural institutes, sermons of brotherhood and tolerance. But nowadays All that is alive o­n our planet can be destroyed at a second. Therefore comes out problem Number1 – the basic change of consciousness o­n the basis of salutary philosophy and ethics of harmonism.

Millions of our contemporaries most of whom never heard about GHA thinks the same way. Public figures and businessmen, intellectuals and students, men and women. Here is the Internet opinion of the unknown to me Natalia Petrova: “The reason in that the mankind develops as an integral part of Nature, not separately, not "above" It. Many scientists have come to the same conclusion. Nature, or Mind, leads mankind to Harmony treating it as a uniform, integral organism. Therefore this global tendency - interrelation and interdependence at all levels, including states- is clear to us now. We cannot escape these new conditions! It is extremely important to realize the changing reality. And it is very important, as they say, "to open eyes" to the high and mighties so that they would understand that people are waiting not for their disputes because of “a piece of land”, but for the real program of how to withdraw humankind from current to a different, better type of development» -http://gidepark.ru/News/Details/id/10149/? There are thousands and thousands of similar opinions in the World Net! And they should be acknowledged as prophetical.

What does that mean? This means that the most active and participating part of humankind is ready to transit to the new norms and principles of Planet organization. No o­ne of the “Harmonious civilization” authors believes in the nearest future revolution in human consciousness and behavior. To paraphrase Khruschyov: the present generation will not enter harmonism era. Enormous struggle, perhaps, the last struggle in the mankind history is necessary so that the humans can prove their self-name “reasonable”. To justify this self-name we have to step o­n a path to a harmonious and prosperous humanity- Homo Harmonikos or Homo Florens, excluding aggression, greediness, envy, individualism, animosities. In the name of sanguineous life, full of good will, brotherhood, love and happiness.

Global thinking can name this process a transition from our present, far from humanistic, Middle Ages to a New, spiritual Renaissance. In magnitude and value this phenomenon is equal to a birth of Christianity or Islam, or any other world religion. But it will not come instead of religion, moreover – it will integrate religions into a new outlook. Harmonism is capable to become their general denominator.

Speaking o­n the importance of the book ”Harmonious civilizations”, it is undoubtedly, the first confident and promising step into the future. The future to come. That all of the living nowadays at the turning point of millenia have started to create meaningfully.

It is very important to promote this salutary movement. The next and all subsequent steps depend o­n the attention of the Mass-media to this book, TV discussions, Internet forums . This book is worthy enthusiasm of the humanists, first of all from among the high schools teachers – it depends to a great extent if they bring the ideas of harmonism to the young cohorts who will follow the cause of the pioneer-authors,correcting and developing their ideas in new articles and books. And as a result they will comprehend the new culture of humankind - Culture of Harmony -and make it a reality.

On November, 22nd, 2009

Alexander Olshansky,
The writer, the publicist, chairman of board of Commonwealth of graduates of Literary institute it. A.M.Gorky, Moscow, Russia, peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=434
(Translator: Gulnara Valiulina)
Alexander Olshansky

Postby Maria Cristina Azcona » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:13 am

I read the review by the Russian writer Alexander Olshansky and felt truly moved by his words, especially when he says "they are prophets in their countries"-

I am plenty convinced, just like him, that the final destiny of our job is the success in the diffusion of a new concept of a civilization based o­n harmony among cultures.

Prof. María Cristina Azcona,
Maria Cristina Azcona

Postby Maria Cristina Azcona » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:20 am

Dearest Leo,

I will try to write the reviews and tell you when they are done.

I have cried of joy, overwhelmed by emotion while reading all the contents. I am truly fascinated by what you have done, leading us towards the success and the realization of our dreams of peace.

I’m plenty sure you have found the PATH TOWARDS THE light. Now I see a light at the end of the tunnel, and this light has your name written in it with golden letters.

Dr. María Cristina Azcona,
Poet and Educator,
Maria Cristina Azcona

Postby Lana Yang » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:20 am

Confucius had said,

"Do not judge a person's right or wrong based o­n the entire villagers' poll. If the ethical villagers say that this person is good, and the evil villagers say that the person is bad, then this person is a truly a good person!"

We don't have our standards straight in the USA any more. I thought that after we elected Obama, the situation would be taken care of. But apparently not. At least from his facial expression yesterday, his conscience was disturbed.

Lana Yang,
Lana Yang

Postby Hilarie_Roseman » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:22 am

Dear Leo and all,

This is a wonderful paper you have written Leo! Congratulations.

I have o­nly o­ne quick thought - you have information - spirituality in the consciousness.Think of the heart as the centre of consciousness.I know that I drive everyone crazy when I seek information from religious text - but the heart is all through religious text.Its just that we disassociate the material we get from these texts with 'real life' as we live it.But all these people who wrote this material lived 'the real life'- and possibly they were closer to their whole being, as conceptualized in the heart (and indeed if you look up the physical and psychological aspects of the heart, there would be hard data to say that it is, after from a metaphor, the really real centre of a special consciousness with a memory (yes, a memory)and other aspects that enable us to act as 'real' human beings.We are told that we will get a new heart - and in this new heart - there will live the God concepts that will enable us to live happily -harmoniously!Not put together very well, but very stressed.In fact, the most stressed out period in my life I think.If I get my Phd and begin to talk to it, I am going to start off (I do now when I give a paper) of honouring all the wonderful academics I know who have given up their lives in the pursuit of truth.

With my love to you all,

Hilarie Roseman,

Postby Martha_Ross_DeWitt » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:23 am

Dear Leo,

This is an amazing achievement; Robert's editing, incredibly painstaking and accurate.

After the first section, my eyes glazed over, so I skipped to the 4th section, where you thank GHA members for participation and encouragement, and sum up the significance of your "deep structure" approach to understanding and correcting human errors: "The tetranet thinking is a positive alternative to the ideological crash of industrial society, i.e. to the crash of all of its o­ne-dimensional ideologies: imperialism of all colours, colonialism, Nazism, Marxism, liberalism, and so o­n, which are responsible for the whole spectrum of modern crises and social pathologies." I like the Albert Einstein quote, in particular, and your paraphrase of it near the end, that problems cannot be solved by applying the thinking that caused them. You have, indeed, launched a new science: a science of Tetrism, to discover and "balance" the underlying, interdependent forces of a fractured, global civilization that has run amuck.

Martha Ross DeWitt,
Sociologist, USA

Postby Leo Semashko » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:24 am

Dear Hilarie and Martha,

Many thanks for your appreciation of the philosophical chapter of our new collective book “Harmonious civilization” (http://peacefromharmony.org/? cat=en_c&key=379), for your contribution to it, for your deep thoughts and basic support!

I am very grateful to Martha for its text in o­ne of sections of our future textbook o­n Tetrasociology (or Tetrism) which also will be our collective creativity.

We discuss questions of Tetrasociology with Hilarie and Martha 8 years. Still then Hilarie has brought a great question about the centre of four social spheres. As you could see in the chapter and in the book, now I answer this question definitely: harmony is the centre and heart of spheres as society so and the person. Because harmony is a love, justice, peace and God. In each religion God is the creator of harmony from chaos. God is harmony and vice versa: harmony is God. Therefore harmony is the centre and heart of social and individual spheres. Therefore harmony is the centre and heart in all world religions and also for all nations and cultures.

In this connection, I like to invite Hilarie who has devoted it many years of researches, to choose from your doctor's thesis the text o­n 3-7 pages under such approximately title: “God and Harmony as Heart and Centre of Social and Individual Spheres” for our collective textbook o­n Tetrasociology.

I invite also ALL GHA MEMBERS, first of all our philosophers, sociologists, scientists and writers to write and send for the publication two texts:

1. The review of GHA new book of 1-3 pages and
2. Your section in the textbook o­n Tetrasociology o­n 4-7 pages.

However, that our discussion of the new book was not scholastic but practically directed, I invite all GHA members to discuss the following text of our letter to the US President and leaders of other countries. This letter should be very short, simple and clear to everyone. I offer the following text:

“To the US President (or Russia, France, England, China, Taiwan, India, Pakistan, Argentina, Germany, Israel, Palestine, Italy, Tunisia, Malaysia, Norway, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Georgia, Greece etc.)

The Global Harmony Association is glad to present you and your children our innovative book “Harmonious civilization” (2009) of 120 contributors (co-authors) from 34 countries of the world. In this book your great ideas of nuclear disarmament, peace and the international cooperation which give rise to a new, harmonious civilization develop. This book offers a way of global harmonization instead of militarization.

We will be happy to receive yours some words about this book with support of its mass publication as the manual for schools, universities and army libraries. Ideals of harmony of this book are capable to supersede a spirit of the armed violence from consciousness of people, first of all youth, and to resist to an extending stream of nazi and other extremist ideas.

We, as well as you, do not want, that our children became victims of the armed violence at school, university, in the street, in army or as a result of a military or nuclear attack, therefore we trust in your support.

With deep respect and hope for your positive response,

On GHA behalf, Dr. Laj Utreja, GHA Vice-president for the US. (Signature, address and date).”

Certainly, for each head of the state the letter will be specified, discussed and approved by the GHA members from this country. In each country it will be signed by corresponding GHA Vice-president for this country.

All of you well understand, any similar response, which will open a way for a wide edition of our book as the manual, will be very important for us.

On the other hand, it will be the test for the leaders proclaiming peace, innovation and "change": whether they are capable to support in practice them?
What do you think of this letter text and its motivation? I will be very grateful for its editorial amendments.

One more detail. All of you know, that I will dispatch free to GHA members o­n 2-3 book copies for personal use and for libraries. Please, let me know: how many copies you would like to receive? The similar information I wait from each GHA member who wishes to have a paper copy of the book. How you like the profiles of 38 GHA members published in the book?

Best harmony wishes,
Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President
Leo Semashko
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Postby Alexander Olshansky » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:27 am

Dear Leo!

You are amazingly consistent in your titanic activities devoted to the harmonization of the modern civilization! You were o­ne of those pioneers who intuitively felt a core break in the worldview, ethics and behavior of the humanities - and who dared to create a theory of the new step of civilization development. Your theory appeared before this crucial break point manifested itself. You have assembled all the Harmony adepts into a strong organization. We are the witnesses of how the Pax Amerikana pulls down and disappears and the Pax Harmonikos is going to replace it. Your input into the all mankind problems rescue is colossal. The seeds of your ideas grow and will grow powerfully in the future. The GHA new program book is o­ne more triumph of the coming harmonious civilization and your personal triumph. So let me congratulate you heartily!

Availing this chance let me inform you that my article "New Middle Ages and New Renaissance» about Global Harmony Association is published in the international journal "FORUM", LXIV-LXV, 2009.

Concerning the question of the relevant libraries I am sure you have to send your book to the following o­nes:

1.Moscow State University Scientific library. In the MSU library of Fundamental Researchesthere is a special hall for recent publications(119234, Moscow, Lomonosovprospect, 27) -for details see http://www.nbmgu.ru/readers/

2.Central Literature House Library (121825, Moscow, Bolshaya Nikitskaya street, 53) -for details see mp.urbannet.ru/CDL/cdl-bibl.htm

3.Gorky Writers' Institute Library (123104 Moscow, Tverskoy boulevard , 25)

Wish you good health and great success in all your activities!

Yours truly,
Alexander Olshansky,
Writer, Moscow, Russia
Alexander Olshansky

Postby Maitreyee Roy » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:29 am

Dear Leo,

I have been reading the New Book of GHA and the explanation made by you. It seems to be interesting. I must tell you, I have been impressed by the idea of Tetrism. I am interested to express my opinion regarding Tetrism. But it need little bit of studies o­n the ideology. I shall be glad if some time is given to me for a detailed study o­n the subject. I am at present owed fully busy with my paper for International Sociological Conference last date is 1st December. Also I have my project meeting in Delhi o­n 2nd December. For all these I have very little time to concentrate o­n the subject. Please give me some time to join o­n the discussion and also to add my comment. I have kept in my mind to translate the Book in Bengali. Let’s see how much can be done. I am waiting for the hard copy of it.

I beg your pardon for not responding to the letter. o­nly thing that made me silent in that I wanted to enter to the topic and tried to involve in it whole heartedly.

Sorry for the delay in reply. I appreciate your tenacity and your devotion for the cause of peace and harmony for the whole world. May God bless you and give you more energy and capability so that you can lead all of us towards the world of peace for next hundred years.

Dr. Maitreyee Bardhan Roy, Basanti Devi College Principal, Kolkata, India:
Maitreyee Roy

Postby Francisco de Matos » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:31 am

A harmonious civilization you wisely advocate the spirit of universal cooperation you elevate the ideas in your book will surely helpeducate and show people everywhere: we need to congregate

Prof. Francisco Gomes de Matos,
Educator-peace linguist from Recife, Brazil
Francisco de Matos

Postby Leo Semashko » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:32 am

Federation Council of Russia
Sergey Mironov
103426, Moscow, Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 26
November 30, 2009,
№ 1-27/4270

President, Global Harmony Association
Leo Semashko
194356 St.-Petersburg, Ho-Shi-Min Street, 7/4-42

Dear Leo Semashko!

I thank you for possibility to familiarize with the book “Harmonious Civilization”. This book contains a rich material, gives all-round representation about that activity which is conducted by participants of projects under the aegis of your international non-governmental organization. Cause respect many not ordinary ideas stated in published materials and also the fact, that you managed to involve in real work o­n development of principles of a harmonious civilization such quantity of the respected and authoritative scientists and public figures from the different countries of the world. I believe, that you do the great and useful work directed o­n strengthening of mutual understanding between the nations, strengthening of the global peace and security.

I wish you and other participants of the Global Harmony Association the new successes in realization of the planned projects!

Sergey Mironov

Dear Mr. Sergey Mironov!

On the GHA behalf I warmly thank you for a flatter response about our book "Harmonious Civilization" and support of our peace-making activity which is realized through projects of global harmony and global scientific ideology of social harmony.


Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President
December 12, 2009
Leo Semashko
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Postby Leo Semashko » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:35 am

Dear friends from harmony,

I just returned from a week trip to my elder son and was happy to find in my mail box the benevolent response to our book "Harmonious Civilization" of Mr. Sergey Mironov, CHAIRMAN of Federation Council of Russia (it is the upper house of the Federal Assembly of Russia: parliament of the Russian Federation).

Its translation into English, please, look below and its Russian original is published together with my reciprocal gratitude o­n our site: http://peacefromharmony.org/?cat=ru_c&key=434

As you remember, this book together with the GHA letter has been directed to five leaders of Russia: to Dmitry Medvedev, Sergey Mironov, Boris Gryzlov, Vladimir Putin and Sergey Lavrov o­n November 17, 2009.

The support of the o­ne of Russian leaders of a highest level is very significant and valuable. I am assured, for this recognition will be followed the recognitions of other leaders and their concrete help in realization of projects of harmony as global and for Russia.

Best harmony wishes,

Dr. Leo Semashko,
GHA President
December 12, 2009
Leo Semashko
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Postby Ernesto Kahan » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:36 am

Dear Leo
Today I received the two volumes, o­ne for me and the other for Tel Aviv University.
I am so exited! The book is Great!

When in the far future somebody like you, will write a book dedicated to "Loving memory of the greatest thinkers of humanity: Confucius..." , she/he will add your name "Leo Semashko".
For a 2010 harmonious year!

Prof. Ernesto Kahan. Facultad de Medicina. Universidad de Tel Aviv y Universidad Bar Ilan. Israel
Ernesto Kahan

Postby Takis Ioannides » Sat Apr 10, 2010 11:37 am

Dearest soul brothers and sisters,

Leo's new idea about this club is a great o­ne.

What is special with Leo is that he always proposes an idea with global interest and benefit. I want to focus o­n this. And you all who adopt it and work for its success are valuable souls.

My humble opinion is that, we don't offer to others waiting to take back something. But we act in order o­nly to give, without expecting something for us. This GHA is a parameter of Global Love supporting the idea of Harmony.

With Love Peace Justice & Harmony

Takis Ioannides
Writer, Greece,
Takis Ioannides


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