Global Movement Making Children a Priority in the World

Are you ready to support Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World"?

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Global Movement Making Children a Priority in the World

Postby Ivan » Wed Feb 08, 2006 3:27 am

Please, vote and if it is possible, comment here on the answer to a question: are you ready to support Global Movement "Making Children a Priority in the World"?
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Postby Rene Wadlow » Mon Aug 14, 2006 6:07 pm

Children as a priority
The recent conflict in Lebanon and Israel draws our attention to the impact of armed conflict on children. Children have always suffered during war and conflict. However, it is only recently that a community of people from governments, the UN system and non-governmental organizations who share a common concern are coming together to spearhead an effort to combine strategies to promote the protection and rehabilitation for all children worldwide.As Ms Graca Machel wrote in her UN report "Impact of Armed Conflict on Children" For too long, the consequences for children have been tolerated as an unfortunate but inevitable side effect of war. In reality, children have increasingly become targets and not incidental victims, as a result of conscious and deliberate decisions made by adults." Thus, it is important that we as adults present models which can help guide without becoming a rigid mould into which we attempt to pour the young. One must find a midddle path between a modelless system of education and training in which "anything goes" and the sort of socialization made up only of prohibitions - the Taliban being the example almost to the point of cazricature. Children need encouragement and guidance from parents and caregivers to help them express their feelings in a protected and safe environment. Children feel a sense of protection when they are with adults who allow the spontaneous expressions of their experiences and feelings and who offer interest, acceptance and understanding of those expressions. Especially in times torn apart by strife, violence and disorder, children who have the opportunity to express their experiences become stronger and more resilient and can recover from the destructiveness caused by war and violence. Children who are listened to and whose feelings are acknowledged by others begin to feel more secure, valued, loved and loving.
Rene Wadlow is the editor of and the representative to the United Nations, Geneva, of Association of World Citizens
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children are the next generation

Postby equine filosopher » Tue Nov 06, 2007 5:16 pm

Completely agree. Children need to be heard, respected and then empowered. The more we do this and educate others on how to do this we can break the cycle of disempowerment and hopefully open the door to a new generation with less abuse, war, etc.
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